Enjoy High Returns with a Fixed APR when Staking KUKU
As a KUKU Holder you can stake your KUKU Tokens to earn more KUKU.
Total Value Locked (TVL) The TVL is calculated across all farms and pools. Our Masterchef is funded with at least 25% of the total tokens minted. This ensures that our staking smartcontract is well funded and locked for a long term period (40+ years).
Features * Flexible Withdraw: Unstake or Harvest your Tokens Instantly and hassle free. * A very high APR up to 100% * Compound and enjoy up to 172% APR * A deposit fee of 1%
The APR is not FIXED and will reduce over time, given the KUKU Token is Deflationary.
Pankuku Swap - The Healthiest Exchange on the Binance Smart Chain
Click the link above for Staking KUKU tokens and Earn KUKU
Enjoy High Returns with a Fixed APR of 100%
Compound your intrest and earn up to 172% APR