Tax System

A model created for our Charity Foundation & Auto Burn System

KUKU is a Deflationary Token, meaning we apply a Tax System to always push the price up by Burning. In return we contribute and fund our Charity Foundation. We apply a 5% Tax on all Transfer & Sell actions.

Buy Fee 0% - No Tax applied when buying KUKU on our DEX

KUKU holders are Automatically Rewarded with 1% over every Transfer and Sell action.

We have an Anti-Whale Function built in which is currently set to 0.1% (1 Billion Tokens) of the Total Supply.

When Selling KUKU on our DEX, please set the Slippage tolerance to max 6%.

Buy Fee PancakeSwap: 5% When Selling KUKU on PancakeSwap DEX, please set the Slippage tolerance to max 15%. The Slippage is higher on PancakeSwap to encourage user to trade on our own platform.

Our 5% Tax is divided as follows:




Auto Rewards to Holders


Auto Liquidity Provider






We re-evaluate our Tax-System every quarter to maintain a justified model of in- en outcome (This is the one the reason why our code is re-writable)

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